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Central Conference May 2018 Update

The past month was dedicated to finalizing the speaker program and recruiting a new partners, so let’s look at what was accomplished...
June 6, 2018

If I were to think about this event like building a house, I would now dare say that the walls and roof are in place. The past month was dedicated to finalizing the speaker program and recruiting a new partners, so let’s look at what was accomplished...


Evergreen is an organization with great ambitions and the influence to match. Their mission, to make cities flourish, is a natural extension of the Central mission to bring new insights to urban issues.

I’m very excited to welcome Evergreen as a partner for the event. Their expertise in housing and environmental issues will add new context to speaker program and give attendees the avenues to create the change they want to see in Toronto.


I’m extremely proud of the speaker schedule that has come together in the past few weeks. The full schedule is now available. Unfortunately, there have been some very qualified speakers that I’ve had to decline in order to arrive at its current state.

With the addition of Julius Haag from the University of Toronto, the four topic pillars of the event - transit, housing, policing and politics - all have some kind of representation in the program.

I’m very pleased that Julius will be presenting his analysis of the Toronto Police Service at Central. I don’t think the event could be relevant in 2018 without an examination of the role that police play in Toronto -- especially for young people and people of colour.

New Events section

I search far and wide for events that focus on Central topics to better my knowledge and meet the people who care about these issues... and I want you to do the same. So I created an Events section on the Central website. It's one-stop shopping for events about Toronto transit, housing, policing and politics. If you have an event that you would like listed, you can contact me to get it in the listings.

Next steps

Central is more than a speaker program. The event space will be filled with ideas for the future of Toronto and how residents can make that change happen.

There’s more announcements to come as we add partners and new creative elements to the day.

The best way to support the event is to buy a ticket and tell your friends that you’ll be there.


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